The flagship of all our Spas, this is the biggest and the most luxurious of all our branches. This outlet showcases what we are capable of providing we are dedicated to providing our guests with a true spa experience. Located in Thado Dhunga, besides sterling apartment, this is the biggest and most luxurious spa we have. The services we provide are at par with international standards and world class amenities. Our spa has a small coffee shop, a sauna that fits 10 people easily among other facilities.

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The Kinjjala Spa and Healing Center. Started by professionals working in the field of Healing for the past 15 years, we offer a range of services offered by the best spas in the world.

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  Citron Garden Plaza,
  Chaksibari Marg,
  Opposite Hotel Dalai- La
  Thamel 29, Kathmandu
  01-4700701/ 4701002




  Thado Dhunga, Jhamsikhel